Progress Challenge 100

Advantages of SANYU


We are always working on two patterns of development, new development and derivational development. Since we are considering derivational developmentderivational development when we are doing new development, we are trying to produce products that can be expanded to various fields and multiple variety.


We do all general engineering which is required design, enforcement, total balance required in construction and line construction. To enable more efficient line operation, we provide our extensive experience over many years and reliable technology based on the experience such as operation from the viewpoint of the operator, consideration for maintainability, layout design to utilize limited factory space effectively.

Total Engineering
Total Engineering

Human resources

Many talented people are gathering in SANYU who have experienced at various makers site.
Our business fields expand as many as technologies they have.
Our possibilities are spreading more and more to leveraging the individual skills.

Original Products

Composting plant “Compo Fuji” has been developed and improved over 36 years and domestic sales units are exceeded 1000 units. It boasts a high share in Japan. We are continuously working on development of the original products.


We would like to continue to be a company that supports human life and community life
as a backseat player of the resource recycling society.
We are continuously working on developing collaboration product in the food and beverage field,
the environmental field or the both fields to look for revitalization of regional economy
and proactive business development in and outside of Japan.