Agriculture related equipment

TM agitator (Open composter)

Endless Agitation System

We also have other composting system such as rotary agitation and screw type. We can propose using our various achievements and know-how.

Cabbage cut machine

Vegetable cutter. It cuts cabbage, Chinese cabbage, etc. in half.

『Vegetable cutter SH-45』 Cutting speed

Drying crusher

Generally, high moisture material such as food waste and sludge is pulverized after drying, and the dryer and the crusher are separated so the apparatus became larger and it took time and effort for maintenance.
This machine is a drying, pulverizing and mixing device which performs pulverization, drying and mixing at the same time, is simple, compact, highly efficient and easy to maintain.
With this technology, it becomes possible to micronize the raw materials of water-containing foods, and food residues etc., which had been discarded conventionally such as soy pulp, can be developed for powdered food raw materials by pulverization.
It is environmentally friendly technology because low cost sludge treatment is possible by dry crushing and resources can be reused by separate recovery of resources and wastes.

Simplified water treatment tank facility

In recent years, the initial cost and running cost of the water treatment tank have become a heavy in livestock management.
Extra expenses will be incurred for use of screens, dewatering machines, etc. and additives in the flow of aeration, sedimentation and discharge.
Therefore, considering the cost burden as much as possible, we will design the system for the purpose of simplifying the facility, and will propose a simple type water treatment tank suitable for the farm.

Screw press type squeezing equipment

We will propose line equipment according to various kinds of juice (vegetables, fruits etc.).

Pellet and packaging line equipment

We design and construct plants that meet the needs from simple facilities to fully automatic facilities, we propose facilities that take product shape and production capacity into consideration.

Crushing and dewatering machine

Ideal for reducing volume of vegetables and fruits. It is easy to recycle by crushing and dehydrating. Design in accordance with the application.

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