How do we handle raw materials (Organic wastes) before composting?

It is important not to add extra moisture to raw materials

Moisture content of the raw material affects the processing time, keeping the proper moisture content before processing will shorten processing time.

What is the shape of fertilizer made from Compo Fuji?

It becomes a powdery organic fertilizer like soil.

It can be used as it is, it can be formed into pellets because it is powdery. We are also handling Pellet Machine and Automatic Bagging Machine.

Is it necessary to use special bacteria or enzyme in the system?

That is not particularly necessary.

Compo Fuji is a system that maximizes the activation of aerobic bacteria inhabiting raw materials and installation environment.

Does operation of Compo Fuji affect the surrounding environment?

Materials (Organic wastes) are processed inside of sealed tank, so smell and dust do not spread. Compo Fuji is clean system.

Moreover, it is easy to control the exhaust, so you can easily connect to the deodorizer. Compo Fuji is environmentally friendly product to the surroundings.

Is it difficult to operate the machine?

Since operation is concentrating on the control panel, you can easily operate.

Since it is controlled by the sequencer, when a problem occurs, an error code is displayed and it is easy to identify the cause.

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