International business

From the Japanese technology “富士” to the world technology ”FUJI”

The composting technology that SANYU has cultivated in Japan over the years has grown to the technology to extend to the world.
From the thought that we would like to serve for our planet even a little to protect the environment, we are trying to spread our composting technology. Continuous improvement will lead to greater innovation as a result, so we will continue to make progress on a daily basis.
We continue efforts to make a significant contribution to the environment protection.

International Project

The many ideas in this simple system with strong durability are cultivated in many years of experience.
COMPO FUJI SK series have good reputation from north to south.

International exhibition

We are exhibiting at the exhibition in Philippines, Myanmar, and China etc. We are planning to participate in exhibitions in various countries.


We hold international seminars.

Acceptance of International business group

We are accepting International business group.

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