COMPO FUJI User’s Voice

Pig farm Mineishi

Kobayashi city, Miyazaki
Mother pig 500 sow (Total 5,000 pigs) SK-70 2 units


The farm was expanded from 150 sow to 500 sow. They have installed 2 units of SK-70 in that time. Pig houses line up along the mountain and compost facility has installed at the farm entrance.

Why were you selected Compo Fuji ?

I made comparative examination of Open type stirring method and Compost shed, but since our farm is adjacent to residential area, I chose Compo Fuji as an odor countermeasure We have installed Compo Fuji beside to the road, but the surrounding residents say surprisingly “There is less odor” ” Are there really pigs in the farm?”.

How did you know SANYU?

SANYU sales person gave me the brochure.

How about the usability of the Compo Fuji?

Fresh manure can be input directly, it’s very easy.

How long is daily working time to process manure?

Correct manure from each pig house→Put into Compo Fuji→Washing loader
This process takes about 2 hours.

Do you sell organic fertilizer or free of charge? No more stock ?

Compost is provided free of charge for regional contribution. Vegetable farmers come to pick up by truck. All amount is gone. They want more.

How about reputation of the organic fertilizer?

Many spinach, burdock root, wheat, onion production farmers are using our fertilizer.Reputation of fertilizer is good because of no weeds grow and no odor complaint even if it spreads to the field around the residential area. There seems to be more inquiries of new farmers by the word-of-mouth.

What do you want us to improve of Compo Fuji?

Is it possible to reduce the electricity cost (running cost)?
It’s future challenge for SANYU!

Are you satisfying to our after service?

Very good! I am satisfied.

Your farm has installed scrubber water deodorizing equipment, is there any odor complaint?

No complaints. People who have never seen Compo Fuji are surprised that this is manure processing equipment but there is little odor. May be it is one of the reasons that diffusion of odor is small by putting fresh manure discharged into Compo everyday.

Ichinomiya-shi Ukino Youkei Co., Ltd.

Ichinomiya city, Aichi
Layer Farm 185,000 birds. SK-70 3 units

Ichinomiya-shi Ukino Youkei Co., Ltd.

We installed the first unit in 2009.We installed the 3rd unit in 2016. The customer purchased the 3rd unit to produce more matured fertilizer using the additional unit.

Why did you select Compo Fuji?

The reason was good reputation of Compo Fuji and SANYU that it is less trouble and the company can respond promptly.

How about the usability of the Compo Fuji?

It is less trouble as the reputation and working very well.

How about after-sales services?

The SANYU salesman regularly visits us and checks the machine.In case of a trouble, SANYU responds to the phone at the beginning, then they come to check and repair very fast.Also they give us an advice for improving the operation efficiency.

How about reputation of the organic fertilizer?

Since we are aiming for recycling agriculture with local production of local consumption, fertilizer is used by local farmers.
We have our own sales store, and we sell vegetables from the farmers who are using our fertilizer.

Do you have any request to SANYU?

SANYU responds quickly to telephone if there is any problem. They also suggest and advise to be able to restart the machine as soon as possible. I am requesting the same service system in the future.

Juridical Agricultural Union Yonemoto Chikusan

Katori-city and Asahi-city, Chiba
SANYU installed 1 unit of Compo Fuji SK-37 and 1 unit of SK 70 in this time.
2 units of SK-65 and 1 unit of SK-20 are under operation in many years.


Farm(4 farms)
[1st breeding farm] 350 sow [2nd breeding farm] 600 sow [1st finishing farm] 2500 hog [2nd finishing farm] 5000 hog

How’s your impression of using Compo Fuji?

Compo Fuji has high airtightness compared to Agitators, etc., then it is easy to connect with deodorizing system. So we don’t need worry of odor.
Since most of the work is performed by the machine, we are happy that we could reduce the working time and effort.

How is quality of the produced fertilizer?

Dry products will come out in a very smooth condition.Even if the fertilizer is deposited it does not smell so neighbor farmers are happily to using it.

How about our service?

We have a long relationship already. I am satisfied.

What is special future of Compo Fuji? How do you think?

Although it is mentioned in the catalog, the heat exchanger is attached as standard equipment, and it is designed to achieve low electric consumption.
The whole system has high durability and all made in Japan.

Can you process high moisture materials by Compo Fuji?

Yes, but it is depending on the fermentation condition in the tank.
Keeping in a good fermentation condition by checking the amount of input material and output fertilizer, also checking the inside temperature every day leads to increase process capacity and it is possible to process even with high moisture content. It is key point.

What do you expect us for updating Compo Fuji?

Number of workers are getting small in Japan due to the declining population, I would like SANYU to advance more labor saving system by your technology.

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