Slim individual package Excellent in portability Slim individual package Excellent in portability

Easysnap is an epoch-making individual packaging pouch that replaces traditional bottles, tubes, and cups.
It can be squeezed out contents completely with one hand.
It can handle all liquids and sizes compared with conventional individual packaging, It is an individual packaging pouch excellent in long-term preservation and carrying.

Six reasons for unique and innovative

Easysnap can be used for various liquid products

As a product, as a free sample or distribution sample.We have experience of honey, vinegar, cosmetics etc.

Size is selectable

3 sizes are available.* The actual content amount varies depending on the viscosity of the product.

External dimensions
40×50 40×80 60×100
Internal capacity*
1〜2 2〜4 8〜10

Flow from order to delivery

Filling equipment produced by Easysnap Technology

Filling is done at SANYU-KIKI Kyushu Factory. We take small lot order too. We do factory tours so please feel free to consult us.
SANYU-KIKI Kyushu Factory
6-9-5 Tkakisenishi, Saga City, Saga 849-0921

Machine speed: 45 cycle/min. (Max) Production: 135 pack/min. (Max)

Patent / manufacture permission

World Patent:W02008/038074A2 , W02009/040629A2
Italian Patent:BO 2006A000665 , BO 2006A000666
Japanese Patent:Japanese Patent No. 5244111
Manufacturing license
Cosmetics Manufacturing Industry Permit Saga Prefecture 41CZ200013
Cosmetics Manufacture and sale permission Saga prefecture 41 COX10008
Soft drinks manufacturing permit
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