SANYU-KIKI history

Apr. 1971
Sanyu Kogyosho opened its Kyushu Branch Office in Kiyokawa 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City primarily to sell company products, but also to act as a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries agent engaged in maintenance service operations.
Oct. 1972
Opened Chugoku Branch Office in Akebonocho, Hiroshima to act as Chugoku representative for MHI Food Packaging Machinery Engineering.
Nov. 1975
Established Sanyu Kiki Sales Co., Ltd. with headquarters in the Oto Building at 1-7-12 Kiyokawa, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City. Renamed the Chugoku Branch Office in Akebonocho to Hiroshima Branch Office. Capital: 10 million yen
Mar. 1976
Delivered to Kitakyusyu Coca-Cola Bottling a high-speed case washer developed by the Sanyu Group.
Jul. 1976
Established a new company and merged in the Hiroshima Branch Office.
Jun. 1977
Relocated headquarters from the Oto Building at 1-7-12 Kiyokawa, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City to more spacious quarters at the current location: 1-1-3 Otemon, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City.
Dec. 1979
Raised capitalization to 30 million yen.
Nov. 1980
Took over, Toyo Kasei Kogyo, manufacturing and marketing rights for Compo Fuji, a rapid-fermentation composter.
Nov. 1981
Developed a new model, Compo Fuji SK, with technical cooperation from Sanyu Kogyosho. Delivered the first unit, plus two more, to the Takaoka Compost Production Association.
Mar. 1982
Jointly developed drip coffee extractors with Coca-Cola Japan. Delivered first unit to Kitakyusyu Coca-Cola Bottling.
Jan. 1987
Developed Oolong tea kneader. Delivered first unit to Ito En.
Apr. 1987
Relocated to the newly completed Sanyu Heiwadai Building, our current location.
Apr. 1987
Delivered can line plant to Ito En (USA). Our company’s first export deal.
Feb. 1988
Delivered to Kitakyusyu Coca-Cola Bottling the industry’s first centralized line management system using wireless paging.
Sep. 1989
Developed Sanyu Grip Rinser. Delivered first unit to Shizuoka Bottling.
Feb. 1990
Developed universal caser for plastic bottles. Delivered first unit to Saga Prefecture Horticultural Association’s Ogi Plant.
Apr. 1990
Developed bottle pasteurizer. Delivered first unit to Miyazaki Nokyokaju.
May. 1990
Developed bulk palletize for plastic bottles. Delivered first unit to Kitakyusyu Coca-Cola Bottling.
Jun. 1991
Developed robot palletize for products in paper containers. Delivered first unit to Nagasaki Economic Federation Omura Fruit Juice Plant.
Jan. 1992
Absorbed the Sanyu Fukuoka Branch Office to strengthen design capabilities to cope with business expansion.
May. 1993
Opened Tokyo Sales Office to conduct sales activities and provide after-sales support in the Kanto area.
Jun. 1994
Opened Nagoya Sales Office to conduct sales activities and provide after-sales support in the Chubu area.
Aug. 1994
Established AI System Co., Ltd. 1268-1 Kumozuigurazucho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture Design, manufacture and sales of air carrier devices.
Jan. 1996
Opened Osaka Sales Office to conduct sales activities and provide after-sales support in the Kansai area. In Aug.urated overall textile machinery operations at the same time.
Aug. 1996
Developed industry’s first carbonated beverage filling equipment operating at room temperature. Delivered first unit to Sanyo Coca-Cola Bottling Hongo Plant.
Mar. 1997
Formed business alliance with AROL, an Italian capping machine manufacturer. Commenced full-scale sales to the domestic marketing.
Aug. 1998
Established Kanto Branch Office
Sep. 1998
Built new Nagoya Sales Office.Three floors of office and materials storage, with a total floor space of 720 m². Opened Nagoya (Funatsu) Plant.
Dec. 1998
Merged Sanyu Heiwadai Building and AI System under a new name, Sanyu Kiki.
Oct. 1999
Raised capitalization to 40 million yen.
Dec. 1999
Established Southern Kyushu Branch Office
Mar. 2001
Jointly developed, with NTS, sealed air transport conveyors with covers on three sides for empty bottles. Delivered to Coca-Cola West Japan Products Kiyama Plant March 2002. Delivered to Hongo Plant.
Apr. 2001
Formed a business alliance with SERAC Nihon, providing after-sales support.
Oct. 2004
Established Hokkaido Branch Office
Mar. 2005
Delivered weight fillers and pocket fillers (for solids) from Sympak, an Italian company, to JA Foods Oita. Commenced full-scale sales to the domestic marketing.
Jul. 2005
Established Chugoku/Shikoku Branch Office
Jul. 2006
Established Okinawa Branch Office
Dec. 2008
Opened Kyushu Plant in Daiwa Industrial Park, Saga Prefecture.
Dec. 2009
Opened Second Head Office Building.
Mar. 2009
Formed business alliance with SACMI.
Jan. 2010
Raised capitalization to 50 million yen.
Jun. 2010
Formed business alliance with Easy Pack.
Dec. 2010
Built a Easysnap production line in Kyushu Plant.
May. 2011
Delivered 11 units of SACMI roll labelers to different Coca-Cola bottling companies, giving a boost to sales expansion.
Feb. 2012
Joined in the new plant construction project of UCC UESHIMA COFFEE CO.,LTD. (Completed in May)
Nov. 2012
Acquired Konishi Body Co., Ltd. to make it a subsidiary.
May. 2013
Relocated Hokkaido Branch Office.
Jul. 2013
Relocated Southern Kyushu Branch Office.
Jul. 2013
Opened a Class-1 architect Office and obtained the license for real estate business to establish a system covering architecture to production equipment.
Aug. 2013
Acquired Taiyo Body Co., Ltd to make it a subsidiary.
Mar. 2014
Started remote monitoring (Online).
Jan. 2015
Taiyo Body Co., Ltd. And Konishi Body Co., Ltd. were merged to form Sanyu Body Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2015
Developed High temperature high pressure drip extractor and delivered 9 units to Coca Cola Bottling Co., Ltd.
Sep. 2015
Started International business development.Delivered 1 unit of Compo Fuji SK70 to Philippines.
Oct. 2015
Developed Compo Fuji SK100 and delivered 5 units.
SANYU participated in AGRILIVESTOCK2015 in Myanmar
SANYU participated in 1st Okinawa Agricultural and Fishery Technology Exhibition
SANYU participated in CAHE2016 in China
SANYU participated in N-Expo 2016
SANYU participated in 1st Drink JAPAN
SANYU participated in International Pig Farming Forum 2016 in Kyushu
SANYU participated in AGRI WORLD 2016