For a recycle-based society Connecting to the next generation For a recycle-based society Connecting to the next generation

From Organic waste to valuable organic fertilizer
By aerobic fermentation

Due to growth of farming scale, large capacity manure treatment system with low operation cost is required. Compo Fuji SK series are developed to use our fermentation process technology accumulating for a long period and continuously improved by feedback from our customers. Compo Fuji SK series focus production quality of fertilizer, durability, operability and running cost and make large capacity treatment possible.
SANYU creates solution to recycling society for the next generations

The reasons for Compo Fuji is chosen

01. Environmentally Conscious

02. Strong Durability

03. Excellent Operability

More Benefits

How COMPO FUJI works

COMPO FUJI process

Deodorizing systems

Compo Fuji is a composting system in a sealed container, so odor control is easier than other systems.
We propose odor management according to customer’s request.

Main deodorization method

Flow of introduction COMPO FUJI

We make suggestions on total line from interview to after-sales.
We will respond quickly to customer’s needs, such as remodeling construction and maintenance of facilities.

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